How to Keep Your Business or Home Safe from Intruders

Today both business owners and home owners look for ways that would help in keeping their home safe from the intruders. Lock and key are no longer sufficient to prevent giving them access. The intruders know how to break them to get entry to your home. Thus, with the advancement of technology new processes have been developed which can help in keeping them away from the property.

Security Roller Shutters
Security Roller Shutters

Among the new technologies roller shutters are considered as the most popular one since they add to the beauty of the building and at the same time provide extra safety and security.  A vast range of shutters are currently available in the market among which the shutters made from steel and aluminum is more commonly used. This is because they offer the best protection, is durable and prevent corrosion from occurring on their surface. These roller shutters can be installed on the windows as well as doors.

Reason for Installing Roller Shutters:

The benefits offered by the shutters are many and this is the reason both residential and commercial buildings use them. These are made using a hinged system of slabs or panes. Such pieces or slabs have a substantial parallel length, but their perpendicular height is quite small in percentage. Listed below are some of the reasons for installing them:

  • They prevent sounds from entering the room and avoid sounds from getting out of the room.
  • They prevent the building from excessive heat, cold, rain and snow.
  • The shutters help in keeping the building safe and secured.
  • The shutters help in reducing utility bills and minimize the light coming from outside.
  • The shutters can be operated manually as well as automatically.
  • They can help in preventing almost seventy percent of cold and up to eighty percent of heat; thus, they are amazing insulators.
  • They are available in vast ranges of colors and designs; thus, they can perfectly complement the building.

Thus, it can be said that it is of utmost importance to get the roller shutters installed in the building.

To extend the life of the roller tracks and to encourage smooth and quite operation, certain importance maintenances should be carried out on regular basis:

  • Apply silicon spray occasionally as this gives the tracks a slippery finish, enabling the doors slide properly.
  • Use petroleum lubricant in order to grease the tracks. However, make sure that the dirt and grime are brushed away before application and the excess lubricant is removed after wards.

However, in case the shutter is not working properly; do not apply force on it instead contact the professional so that the problem can be solved. In case of electric shutter; the following points can be checked:

  • Ensure that proper power source is there
  • Make sure that there is no dirt in the track.
  • Allow the motor to cool down before starting it again
  • Make sure that there is no dirt and dust in the proximity sensor. 

Automatic doors and shutters should be set in manual mode at least once in a year. Manual operation should then be prearranged and should be carried out as per the manufacturer instructions to prevent impairment. The support brackets should be tested to find out if they need servicing. If it requires servicing, it is always advisable to contact a qualified technician right away.

Roller Shutters
Roller Shutters

Never try to do anything without the help of professional since it can cause injury. Therefore, it is always recommended to contact a professional whenever, anything doesn’t look okay.

Hence, it can be said that roller shutters keep the business as well as a home safe from intruders. Visit this link to get more details about the use of roller shutter in your home.

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