Important Varieties of Etched Wine Glasses to Make Events Special

There are multiple ways in which you can make your loved one feel special on your wedding day, or on your first anniversary. You can also gift the etched wine glasses on your Valentine’s Day, to your beloved. There are several online portals from where you can choose the different sizes, textures and the varieties of wine glasses that go well with the spirit of an occasion. Right from the balloon glasses to the tall wine glasses, to the cuboid forms and many others that suit each and every occasion. The prices can vary according to the color of the glass and the designs that you choose. For corporate events also these glasses have become popular as gift items. 

Etched Wine Glasses - Gift for your friend’s anniversary
Etched Wine Glasses - Gift for your friend’s anniversary

Sandblasted long stemmed wine glass that has etching on the stem: the perfect gift for your friend’s anniversary 

For making a good style statement along with a great gift value to your friend on his or her anniversary, you can gift the sandblasted glasses with long stems, as an appropriate gift. These glasses can be bought in pieces of six and you can customize the etching designs as negative signatures, using combined colors of black and white, or by implementing intricate floral designs, single geometric patterns, and even by incorporating taglines wishing your friends a happy anniversary and a long life ahead: 

  • You can use gold dust in different varieties to decorate the stems of the etched wine glasses. 
  • The tall stems will look good with gold or silver dust, and for those glasses which have short stems, you can simply use one monochromatic color and texture and keep the upper portion of the sandblasted glass empty. 

How do etched wine glasses help in marketing products and promoting events? 

Etched Wine Glasses
Etched Wine Glasses

There are different varieties of etched wine glasses that are used for promotional events and for the marketing of large scale products, giving a new introduction to many companies, and creating their brand name and value in the national and international market. Wine and beverage manufacturing companies use the etched wine glasses to launch their products in the market, and this creates a great demand among the consumers: 

  • There are many families who gift the etched wine glasses to commemorate and celebrate major events, and they are also given at special corporate ceremonies like when two brands come together or when two beverage companies opt for a merger. 
  • If you order for the etched wine glasses from the online portals, you are actually at a great advantageous position. You can choose both the sample glass types, textures and the patterns which you want to etch on the surface of the glass. They can be purchased with the help of debit and credit card, or if you order online, you can also prefer the cash on delivery option. Then you can start your family or corporate gifting event by launching these glasses as a promotional tool. 
  • In order to customize the etched wine glasses, you can simply etch the name of the company, the signature of the brand, the initials, some important data or formulae, or even some captions which are part of the branding procedure. 
  • You can also use hand-painted designs, landscapes for travel agencies, cartoon motifs and even colors such as red, green and sea blue which stand for vibrant energy and the capacity to work better and achieve success in life. 

The process of making these glasses depend on the personal tastes and preferences of an individual, and the prices also vary accordingly.


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