Reason And Benefits To Installed Modular Walls For The Boundary

A modular wall has become a great solution for residential walls and fences requirements all over the country. It is a known fact that brick and mortar wall is very expensive, but it is also an accepted fact that it is only the brick and mortar wall which looks grand. So, how does one get the look of the brick wall and its grandeur for half the price? Well then, solution is available for this problem in the form of modular walls.

It is possible to create that grand visual appeal of brick walls at a price that is not even half of what you will spend on the brick and mortar wall.

Modular Walls
Modular Walls

The Advantages Of The Modular Walls Are:

  • It is cheaper as compared to the wall that you will build with brick and mortar.
  • It can be built in far lesser time as compared to brick and mortar walls.
  • It is easier to install as compared to the brick and mortar wall.
  • It is as visually appealing as the brick and mortar wall.
  • Corner blocks.
  • Pool areas.
  • Front walls
It just takes a few days time to install modular walls. These walls need the installation of the post and panel system. You do not even require any strip footings or any type of skilled labour or any kind of heavy machinery. If you need to build a wall or fence then modular walls are the perfect solution for estate front fences, boundary walls, as well as feature walls. If you want to put wiring for lighting, sound and security system on these walls then there is a provision in these walls in the form of recesses that can accept the required wiring. This walling system is gaining fast popularity and more and more people are getting this type of wall installed.

Modular Wall for Home
Modular Wall for Home

The Reasons Behind The Popularity Of This Wall Are:

  • Cost Effective: The modular walls do not require you buy expensive bricks and mortar and pay for expensive labour - all which is required in order to build the wall the traditional way. These are alternative solutions to costly ways of building a traditional wall. This is a great hassle free and cost effective way of building a wall with minimum expenses as you do not even need a nod from the local authority.
  • Reduce Noise from the surroundings: The Modular Walls that are tested in the National Acoustic Laboratory and are rated can reduce the noise from the surroundings considerably. This sound reduction is as much as four times and you can live in peace after getting this modern and scientifically tested wall installed.
  • Private And Secure: Installing this kind of wall will cordon you off from the rest of the world and give you the privacy that you were looking for. In exchange for that, you have to pay just a fraction of what you would have otherwise spent on a regular brick and mortar wall.
  • Strength and Durability: Each of the panels is made using composite panel technology. This gives the following characteristics to the wall.
This wall is almost maintenance free and has great rigidity. Even if there is an earthquake the wall does not break or crack and it maintains its shape and structure.
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