Exposed Aggregate Concrete Ideas for Stunning Homes

Exposed aggregate concrete is one great way to make your house look beautiful and amazing. You can use concrete to design sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, patios, and plazas using the exposed aggregate method. In this method the concrete is first placed and then the outer skin of cement is removed to uncover the decorative aggregate such as natural rock, tile, slate and seashells. This method of decorative aggregate has been in use for over a century now because of its stunning appearance and durable nature.

There are many advantages of using exposed aggregate concrete for your house. Some of them are as follows:

  • Permanent marking of paths and boundaries in the gardens, patio and driveways can be done using this system.
  • An effective method of laying surfaces which are non-skid especially such as swimming pools.
  • It is cheap method and highly durable. 

The technique to expose the aggregate is simple where the body remains inside the concrete surface and only its skin is removed. Brushing and washing is one simple way to remove the thin layer of the surface mortar. After concrete is poured and hardened abrasive blasting can be used to remove the top layer. Spraying the surface with chemical surface retarder can also help to expose the aggregate.

Decorative Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Ways to Choose the Decorative Aggregate

The type of decorative stone used for the exposed surface determines the color of the surface. The selection of the right decorative aggregate for your house plays an important role in enhancing the overall look of the place. Some factors that one has to consider while choosing the right aggregate are:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Durability and hardness
  • Shape
  • Cost
  • Method of expose

The texture and color of the material is depicted beautifully for the aggregate surface. There must be comfort while walking on the aggregate surface and it must be anti-skid in characteristics. Crushed limestone, granite, basalts, quartz etc. are used as stones for the surface. The color of the stones varies with geological origin so you can get them in subtle shades ranging from pink or rose quartz to dark shades of red or blue granite and neutral tones of brown gravel, gray limestone and black basalt.

Different Ideas of Using Decorative Aggregates

We know that the exposed aggregate concrete is used to make the outside of the house look beautiful. But with some creative ideas, it is possible to enhance the beauty of the inside of the house as well. The areas where the decorative concrete can be used inside the house are:

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

#1. Kitchens

The exposed decorative aggregate concrete is one great choice for kitchens floors over stone or polished concrete floors. You can make your rough concrete kitchen floors look beautiful with low-maintenance and highly durable aggregate concrete. You can use two contrasting aggregates or use border element to add unique style to your kitchen floors.

#2. Foyers 

The foyers can be one great place to install the aggregate concrete surface. The area can be customized with the shiny and stylish surface using different colors and textures. Not only the concrete foyers can be a welcoming space for the guests but also can work for practical purposes. The wet and muddy stains do not become apparent on these floors and can be easily cleaned.

#3. Basement remodels

It has become possible to build basement apartment, house in the backyard or apartment over garage with the deregulation of accessory dwelling units or ADUs. With the installation of decorative aggregate concrete floors, you can create a unique look to your ADUs. The floor will last long with less maintenance because of its durable nature. With the installation of slabs that have heating elements, you can keep the house warm.

Follow the above mentioned points in order to find trust exposed aggregate contractors for your project. You can find more details by visiting this link.

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