Tips for Buying Cheap Stone Benchtop Revealed

The outer appearance of your kitchen can be changed depending upon the kind of bench tops you have installed. A well-bought bench top can be the centre of attraction in your kitchen, so you must choose the texture and color of the bench top wisely. There are many cheap stone bench tops available in the market but you must know the ways of spending your money wisely on these bench tops. Else, you might get fooled. Granite must be avoided if there are children at your home. Make sure that the bench top that you are going for is durable and safe.

How Would You Buy Cheap Stone Bench Tops for Your Kitchen?

While buying cheap stone bench tops, a lot of things need to be kept in mind like the texture, the designs available, the price, the durability, the maintenance and expenditure. Each material has its own price chart, advantages, maintenance criteria, installation charges and disadvantages. Depending on these factors the prices vary. Materials include marble, quartz, limestone, granite, etc. When you are buying cheap stone bench tops, there are certain considerations to be made on the material, which are as follows:

Cheap Stone Benchtops
  • Check the samples of the countertops up close. Do not rely on the photographs which are available on the internet. You can buy small-sized samples of several stone bench tops and carry them to your home. See if they are going well with the interior of your house and then finalize.
  • Before finalizing, ask for the warranty period. Warranty of the cheap stone bench tops varies as per the style and design. Do not go for a bench top with less warranty tenure.
  • Keep a track on offers and sales, especially on newspapers and magazines. You can save a lot of money if you mix two materials together like for instance, you can mix an expensive stone bench top with a cheaper one or you can use a better material in the middle and a less expensive material on the sides.
  • As per designs are concerned, bench tops which has round edges are priced lesser than those benchtops whose edges are square shaped.
  • On the basis on prices, granite and marble are considered to be the most cost efficient stone bench tops. Before buying, compare the prices of the materials sold by different manufacturers.

The durability of the material must be your first priority. You can get an idea of the durability of the bench top by checking its weight. That is how much weight the bench top can take up to. The higher capacity of weight it can take, higher would be the durability. Less durable bench tops are prone to breakage when in contact with heavier objects.

Types of Stone Bench Tops Available in The Market

The three most availed cheap stone bench tops which are found in the market are granite, engineered stone and marble.

Stone Benchtops
  • Granite is cost effective than others as it is available in both small and big sizes. The colour of the granite never fluctuates and remains the same. Granites are mostly suitable for kitchen areas. It has one of the longest warranties.
  • Marble which is quite popular among everyone is found at different rates. Due to its magnificent beauty, marble is installed as flooring and also as bench tops. Although, marble is extremely sensitive and needs proper care; but due to lesser price, it is considered as the best option by many.  
  • Engineered stones are another type of bench tops which are available in the market. These stones are non porous and scratch proof. It is harder than any other bench tops available in the market. 

Check out which of the above mentioned is suitable to your requirement before you opt for one. For bookings, visit online at

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