What Are the Uses of Submersible Electric Motors for Hydraulic Systems?

Submersible electric motors are mainly used for the hydraulic systems and it is placed deep into the earth. It has a conventional line shaft turbine or LSTs, which protect the pump from any climatic disasters and weather changes. In this motor do not require any maintenance because the LSTs and drive shafts of these motors can easily eliminate the mechanical complexity and it can reduce the noise level. There are no structural designs needed for installation of these Immersible/submersible electric motors, as they do not create any frictions on the surface.
Submersible Electric Motors
Submersible Electric Motors

What Are the Uses of Submersible Electric Motors?

Agriculture, municipal, and domestic systems can easily use this motors for pumping the water from the underground level. These motors are duly filled with the water and this internal water level works as the lubrication to these motors. To use the Immersible electric motors in a perfect way, you need to apply and maintain their guidelines like loading capacity, power supply, and hydraulic loading systems. Submersible pump motors are submerged in the liquid and these motors can easily pump water and other liquid parts like chemicals and oils. These pumps are mainly used for the residential purposes. Apart from that, they can also be installed for oil and chemical productions.

Problems That Can Occur in Submersible Electric Motors:

A very common problem of this motors is overheating. When you over load the motor by pump or include the pump for pumping the hot water, it instantly creates some problems, and you can find the automatic start and stop problems in the motor. Apart from that, if the motor loses the cooling flow technology then also you can face the same problem. You need to maintain safety margin for your Immersible electric motors to avoid over heating problems. You can install water film between two bearing surfaces of this motors. If the motor gets overheated then this water film can prevent the heat instantly and save the pump from further damages.
  • Apart from that, stator failure is another problem with these submersible electric motors. Most of the pumps are designed with PVC insulation system. The welding copper can beat up to 70-degree temperature. If the temperature exceeds the limit, then it can create problems and if you find the welding faults in your motors then you have to replace the same immediately.
  • You can face problems in your submersible electric motors for the municipal applications like stock loading and water hammer. This problem occurs when the velocity changes suddenly. When you use the pump motor for the common water supply and for heavy uses, then you can face this issue. You need to check the valves of the submersible electric motors on a daily basis to avoid this water hammer problem. Apart from that, if you use the wring valve in the motor then also you can face this water hammer problem. You need to identify the valve-like spring or swings and then you need to install the same to smoother the function of the pump. Extreme water hammer can damage the motor permanently. In this case, you can use carbon to avoid this issue. Carbon is an excellent bearing material used for the hydraulic system. 
  • Increased water pressure, low pH level, and high salt levels can create internal corrosion of submersible electric motors. These motors have seal like carbon, ceramic, silicon, and carbide seals and these sealing systems can protect the motors from this internal corrosion.  
So now, you can use the submersible electric motors for your municipal, residential, and commercial hydraulic systems. However, avoid these problems to prevent motor damages.
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