All You Want to Know About Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling System for Home
Heating and Cooling System for Home

Energy is the basic requirement to make your home comfortable and livable, it is essential to make any home comfortable by zoning the inside temperature with respect to the external temperature. However, there is little energy required to make a home comfortable.

There is appropriate insulation required, and also there are various solar designs that are installed over the building tops and can manage to create both less or null energy requirements for both heating and cooling. Highly efficient home designs require no heating and cooling inputs. With the increasing inputs of thermal comfort there lays possibility to get reduced energy bills that enhance comfort and passively help in retaining a healthy environment.  And also, we cannot ignore the fact of rising use of coolers and heaters to make an artificial set up for your body and home comfort.

Transfer of Heat

The transfer of heat takes place inside your home mainly by three processes i.e. conduction, radiation and convection.

  • Conduction is usually heat passed from solid material and conduction of heat takes place inside your home mainly through rooms, windows and walls of your homes. However, if you install heat reflecting roofs, windows and walls, it will reduce heat conduction. 
  • Radiation takes place when heat travels in the form of light that is both visible and non visible. It is difficult to ignore the fact that sunlight is the main source of heat that takes place inside your homes. And it is quite possible that low- wavelength, non visible infrared radiations are capable to carry heat directly from warm objects to cooler ones. 
  • Convection is another factor that makes heat possible from your walls and ceilings to reach to you. And as natural factor, hot air has the tendency to rise naturally, and carries away heat from your walls and is likely to circulate inside your home.

Cooling Up Your Body

Your body cools down via three processes namely convection, radiation and perspiration. Ventilation escalates these processes and you can also likely cool your body through conduction as well- and also some car seats are feature cooling elements.

Heating and Cooling Systems
Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Convection- It usually occurs when heat gets away from your body. And if the air that surrounds feels cooler than your skin, the air is likely to get absorbed and rise. As procedure of warm air rising up above you takes place, the cooler air makes its way and absorbs your warmth, and faster the process of convecting takes place, the more you experience the cooling effect that takes place. 
  • Radiation- The occurrence of radiation takes place when heat radiates between you and the objects that present inside your home. It is likely for the heat to travel towards you, if the objects present around you are warmer. Removal of heat via ventilation is likely to reduce the temperature of the walls, ceilings and furnishings. It is evident that more cooler your surroundings are, the more likely you will radiate heat to the objects present, contrary to the other way around. 
  • Perspiration- This process can be uncomfortable and it is possible that most people would prefer to remain cool without this process. It is likely that during hot weather and physical exercise, the mechanism of perspiration is powerful cooling mechanism. Moisture is likely to leave your skin pores, and carries a lot of heat with it, and cools down your body. And if breeze passes over your body, it is likely that moisture will evaporate faster, and you will feel much cooler.

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